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The following walkthroughs will help you easily install and use most applications to interact with your hosting space. Please use the following walkthroughs to assist you in fully enjoying your webhosting experience.


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Thunderbird 3 Mac Setup

With Thunderbird open click on Tools > Accounts

Select your mail account

We will be brought to the "Server Settings" section. In here there are many changes to be made

Ensure that your incoming mail sever is set to "mail.domain.tld" along with the proper port number 143 for IMAP and 110 or POP

In the Security Settings section below ensure that Connection Security is set to "None" and that Authentication Method is set to "Password"

Now we are going to go in to the "Outgoing Server" section

Highlight on the appropriate SMTP server and click on "Edit"

Ensure that the server name is mail.domain.tld and the port number is 1025

Change the Connection security to "None" and ensure that your valid username is in the username field

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