Install Firefox Windows

Instruct your customer to go to the following website.

Click on the "Download Firefox" link on the home page.

Select either "Run" or Save"

The application will then download

When Firefox has completed downloading Select "Run" or "Open"

We will then be prompted with the screen on the left

Select "Next" and proceed to step 2

We will then be prompted to select either "Standard" or "Custom" Installation type

We are going to leave it as "Standard"

Click on the "Next" button

Firefox will then notify us the installation location

Please note the "Use Firefox as my default web browser"

Only select this option if you wish to use Firefox as your full time browser.

After deciding on your preferences click "Next"

Firefox is now installed. You may launch Firefox by leaving the checkbox for "Launch Firefox now"

Click on the "Finish" button

If you chose to launch Firefox you will be prompted with the following window.

This option allows you to import all of your personal information from Internet Explorer to Firefox.

If you plan to have Firefox as your default browser going forward you will want to use this feature.

Click "Next"

After a breif import of data Firefox will launch and be ready for use

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