Install Thunderbird Windows

Instruct your customer to go to the following website.

Click on the "Free Download" link on the home page.

Select either "Run" or Save"

The application will then download

When Thunderbird has completed downloading Select "Run" or "Open"

We will then be prompted with the screen on the left

Select "Next" and proceed to step 2

We will then be prompted to select either "Standard" or "Custom" Installation type

We are going to leave it as "Standard"

You may also decide to have Thunderbird as your default mail application.

Selecting this option will launch Thunderbird as your default mail application

Click on the "Next" button

Thunderbird will then notify us the installation location

Click "Next"

Thunderbird is now installed. You may launch Thunderbird by leaving the checkbox for "Launch Thunderbird now"

Click on the "Finish" button

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